About Mountain Record

For over 30 years, Mountain Record has been offering spiritual seekers of all faiths a unique journey through words and images. Published in association with Zen Mountain Monastery, Mountain Record began as a pamphlet produced on the Monastery’s copy machine—a genuine labor of love. While the look of our journal has changed, the care and love that goes into it is still the same.

Each issue delivers a thought-provoking array of classic teachings, contemporary wisdom, and stunning photographs. Our roots are in Zen, but as any seeker knows, the true path reaches across traditions; in our pages, you’ll find Master Dogen alongside Wendell Berry, Jalaluddin Rumi in the company of Eve Ensler. And now subscribers will have full access to the new online edition of Mountain Record at no extra cost.

Our new online edition reflects the beauty and sensibility of the print edition and offers readability on desktop computers, tablets and smartphones. Via the online archive, you’ll now also have access to all issues of Mountain Record going back to the first digital edition from Spring 2014. We’ll also update the website regularly between issues with news from the Mountains and Rivers Order via the Sangha News blog.

We hope you’ll find a wealth of support for your own spiritual practice in the Mountain Record. Please help us conserve the earth’s resources by considering an online-only subscription, and share your print copy with others before you recycle.

You can purchase back issues of the printed journal at The Monastery Store.