About Mountain Record

For nearly four decades, Mountain Record quarterly journal offered spiritual seekers of all faiths a unique journey through words and images. Starting as a newsletter printed on the Monastery’s copy machine, it grew into an award-winning quarterly journal valued as much for its essays, teachings, and interviews as for its stunning photography.

2020 saw the release of our first annual journal, Mountains & Rivers: Zen Dharma and Practice, bring the best teachings, conversations, artwork and images from a year of practice and activity in the MRO. You can purchase a copy at the Monastery Store.

Meanwhile, MountainRecord.org continues as the online home for our blog postings, inspirations, reviews and reflections. You can find a number of archived dharma teachings that appeared in the print edition, while keeping up to date on our sangha’s latest news.

Thanks to everyone who has joined us in this journey over the years, as well as everyone just stepping onto the path.

Got a suggestion or question for our staff? Email mrojournal@dharma.net

You can purchase back issues of the printed journal at The Monastery Store.