Fall Ango 2022 into Winter 2023

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The rhythm of the Monastery’s training year brought the fullness of ango to a close with the Precepts Ceremony of Jukai for five students, followed by the Shuso Hossen for Joel Sansho Benton, and then opened up the quiet space of winter practice. Rohatsu sesshin was full of participants again this year, and with January came the Tokudo ordination for Jogo Kien Martin, and February the Novice ordination for Simon Sekku Harrison with Hojin Sensei at Fire Lotus Temple. This transition time also witnessed a renewed sangha discussion, within gender-affinity spaces, on the gender identities and histories we carry, and the deep healing that can come when our experiences can be met within community.

Below are some images from the fall and winter training periods, from the transitions of fall into the quiet of winter.

JUST PASSING THROUGH — Canadian geese in the midst of their own retreat.
FALL JUKAI 2022—Shugen Roshi officiates the Fall Jukai ceremony at Zen Mountain Monastery for five students who formally receive the sixteen Buddhist precepts, taking up these living teachings, living vows in the company of the sangha with family and friends. Here is a list of the dharma names they received from their teacher, from left to right: Stephanos Hogetsu Koullias (“Liberated Moon”), Weston Chian Minissali (“Peaceful Ground”), Tasha Sonju Ortlof (“Reverent Pearl”), Shugen Roshi, Walter Shinrin Burton (“Facing Truth / Facing Reality”), and Jesse Jiko Caudill (“Compassionate Peace”)
DHARMA ENCOUNTER — Sansho dialogues with the sangha as part of his Shuso Hossen.
FIRST SNOW — Tremper Mountain as seen from a resident’s A frame cabin in December.
FUSATSU — Entering the new year with a renewal of vows ceremony at the conclusion to Rohatsu Sesshin.
HEAD SHAVING — Shugen Roshi about to shave the last of Kien’s hair during the tokudo ceremony.
VAST IS THE ROBE OF LIBERATION — Receiving the okesa.
TWO WEEKS LATER — Jogo Kien helps Sekku with his new koromo robe during shami tokudo, novice ordination, as Hojin Sensei officiates.
A NOVICE IS BORN — Hojin Sensei with Mn. Sekku Harrison at Fire Lotus Temple. February 5, 2023.

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