Spring Ango 2022

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At the conclusion of Ango. traditionally the sangha members who are in attendance that day gather on the back stairs for a group photo. This one was no exception.

And while there was no Chief Disciple chosen for this training period, Shugen Roshi invited each of the fully transmitted Dharma teachers to lead one of the three sesshins. Ron Hogen Green led us in March, Jody Hojin Kimmel led in April, and Shugen Roshi led the closing sesshin in May. Each week of practice had a unique resonance brought about by each of these teachers, while keeping with the rigorous training which sesshin evokes. Each week of training also included a Fusatsu: Renewal of Vows ceremony during the sesshin, another first for the MRO. You can find these Dharma talks and more on our Teachings via Audio & Video webpage.

Here are some images from Sunday, the final day of spring ango 2022—

From left, Kien, Shindo, Hogen Sensei, Chikei and Yugaku
From left, Kyuko, Jikai, Choko, Taiju and Shugen Roshi
Chosen and Tosei at lunchtime
Aaron, Birgitte and Jikai
Shindo, Rob, Laurel, Shugen Roshi & Paul
No ango story would be complete without Rudy…

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