How I Got Ovah II/It is Deep II

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by Carolyn M. Rodgers

For Evangelist Richard D. Henton

just when i thought i had gotten away

my mother

called me on the phone

and did not ask,

but commanded me

to come to church with her.


and because i knew so much

and had “escaped”

i thought it a harmless enough act.


i was not prepared for the Holy Ghost.

i was not prepared to be covered by the

blood of Jesus


i was not ready to be dipped in

the water ….


i could not drink the water turned wine.


and so i went back another day

trying to understand the mysteries

of mystical life the “intellectual”

purity of mystical light.

and that Sunday evening while i was

sitting there and the holy gospel choir

was singing

“oh oh oh oh somebody touched me”

somebody touched me.

and when i turned around to

see what it was whoever touched me wanted

my mother leaned over and whispered in my ear

“musta been the hand of the Lord”

From How I Got Ovah: New and Selected Poems by Carolyn M. Rodgers. © 1975 by Carolyn M. Rodgers. Reprinted by permission of Anchor Press.

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