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Sangha marks 10th anniversary of Daido Roshi’s passing

October 24, 2019
by Sabine Russ The mountain offered itself in full autumn splendor on Daido Roshi’s tenth memorial day: flaming colors, sharp lines, the most pristine of skies. Such effortless radiance of nature and the light, creating extra rich contrasts—ironically (given the person we were commemorating) a photographer’s field day.  Continue reading “Sangha marks 10th anniversary of Daido Roshi’s passing” »
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Earth Initiative at the Global Climate Strike

October 16, 2019
Sangha members joined with over six million people in a Global Climate Strike on September 20, 2019, attending rallies upstate and in NYC and other locations. Led by young people and their supporters inspired by Greta Thunberg’s leadership, the strike was an urgent call to wake up and address the causes of our climate crisis and to ask that governments take the lead. Continue reading “Earth Initiative at the Global Climate Strike” »
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ZMM Podcast: Larry Shainberg discusses his new book “Four Men Shaking”

September 25, 2019
Author Lawrence Shainberg will be at the Zen Center of NYC on Saturday, October 5th for a reading from his new book, Four Men Shaking. We used this as an excuse to catch up with our old friend "Larry-san" and to talk about the new book and how it came into being. Continue reading “ZMM Podcast: Larry Shainberg discusses his new book “Four Men Shaking”” »
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Building Plans

September 23, 2019
Thanks to the generous support of the Sangha, the Jizo Project is close to being fully funded, though we do still have a little ways to go. If we do pass our target of $1.2 million, any further donations will go towards Phase II plans in our ongoing effort to make Zen Mountain Monastery more accommodating and welcoming for all who wish to practice here. Continue reading “Building Plans” »
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Sangha Reflections on the Jizo Project

September 5, 2019
The Jizo Project is an important sangha-supported initiative to make Zen Mountain Monastery a more accessible and accommodating refuge for practice. Here are several reflections from sangha members on what the initiative means to them. Care to contribute your voice to the conversation? Email us at jizoproject@mro.org "There is a Chinese saying that goes something like this: 'When you drink water, reflect on the source; when you eat fruit, bow to the tree.'  For me giving to the Jizo Project is a chance to express my gratitude to the monastics and for what their lives create everyday for the sangha." — Pat...
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Diamond Net and Jizo Project

August 24, 2019
The Buddha instructed his followers in the sangha to care for each other’s needs and not just focus on their own individual realization. In this spirit the Jizo House project, for which we are fundraising, is an on-going effort to rebuild accommodations for both able-bodied and differently abled visitors, residents and monastics, and the Diamond Net has taken shape as a sangha-at-large network to give voice, visibility and actions needed for accessibility-related changes. While the Jizo House Project makes our buildings and grounds more responsive, the Diamond Net is the human hands, eyes and voices of volunteers who can respond...
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Watch the Jizo Project launch video

July 12, 2019
On June 9, Shugen Roshi, along with the Jizo Project fundraising committee, revealed the scope of our current building plans, and asked the sangha for support. Continue reading “Watch the Jizo Project launch video” »
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Taking Care of Our Hemlocks

July 5, 2019
Hemlock trees native to the Monastery region of the northeast have been greatly threatened by an invasive insect known as HWA (Hemlock Wooly Adelgid). Sangha members in the MRO Earth Initiative's “citizen science” project have been assessing and monitoring HWA on the Monastery property this past year and offer this update on protecting our trees. Continue reading “Taking Care of Our Hemlocks” »
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Manifesting Buddha, Spring Ango

May 29, 2019
From the ango opening retreat Peaceful Dwelling in early March through the greening trees and blossoms of Shuso Hossen in late May, here are highlights from our ninety-days of sangha practice at the Monastery in Spring 2019: Continue reading “Manifesting Buddha, Spring Ango” »
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The Jizo Project comes to life

May 2, 2019
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