Retreats & Training

Beginning Instruction in Zazen

Instruction in zazen, along with many opportunities to develop and deepen one’s meditation practice, is one of the most important things the MRO has to offer. Beginning instruction is available each week at both the Monastery and the Temple as part of our Sunday morning program and on Wednesday evenings at the Monastery


Both the Monastery and Temple offer introductory retreats, including a monthly Introduction to Zen Training Weekend, led by the teacher and senior students at the Monastery, and Zen Essentials, a series of seminars at the Temple that take up different facets of lay practice. Other retreats offer opportunities to study and train in the Eight Gates with guest instructors across a range of disciplines. At the Monastery, retreatants step into the residents’ cloistered community for a full weekend; at the Temple, retreats take place on Saturdays and Zen Essentials seminars take place on Thursday evenings.

Sesshin and Meditation Intensives

Characterized by silence and deep introspection, extended periods of zazen such as sesshin (week-long) and zazenkai (day-long) are the heart of Zen training. All intensives include dokusan, or private interview with the teachers, and formal meals taken in the zendo (oryoki).

Residential Training

The Monastery and the Temple offer different ways to engage Zen training full-time. Monastery residents join the cloistered community, letting go of other worldly responsibilities; Temple residents maintain careers, pursue degrees, or engage in other focused work while living and training at the center.