Ikusei Receives Novice Ordination

· Sangha News

On Sunday, December 6th, Shea Ikusei Settimi received novice ordination at the Monastery from Shugen Sensei. A full zendo of sangha, friends and family came to share the day and support Ikusei in this next step on her path.

Similar to a Jukai ceremony, novice ordination consists of the 16 precepts of the Buddha way, as well as the five monastic vows of simplicity, stability, service, selflessness and accomplishing the Buddha’s way. The novice receives these vows provisionally and works with them in daily life and practice to help further discern her path and whether to continue on for full ordination in the future.

Ikusei became a formal student in 2007, received the precepts in 2012 and became a postulant in 2014. She lives at the Monastery with her partner Onjin and serves as the Monastery’s web content editor and programs and outreach coordinator.

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