The Passing of Senior Monastic Mujaku Senjin

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Cremation & Funeral Services for Monastic Mujaku Senjin

The cremation service will be Monday, February 1st at 9:30am at the crematorium at Wiltwyck Cemetery, 145 Pine Grove Avenue in Kingston, NY. Get directions.

The funeral service will be at Zen Mountain Monastery on Sunday, February 21st at 1:30pm.

Dear Sangha,

Our sister monastic Senjin passed away around midnight this past Saturday. She was at New York Methodist Hospital on the oncology and palliative care unit for several weeks. One of our students is a senior nurse at the same hospital and works on the very same floor. Fortunately, she was at Senjin’s side during her final moments, offering her love and compassionate care. Senjin made it clear to one of her nurses that she was accepting of her death when she said, “I’m ready” moments before she passed.

I have been in touch with Senjin’s brother, her only living blood relative. We will be announcing the date of her cremation and funeral as soon as we know when that will be.

I know that Senjin was profoundly moved and grateful for all the many expressions of love and support over this time of her illness. In particular, I want to express my deep appreciation to the circle of students – the “Goddesses” – who gave to Senjin so much of their time, energy and love, and to the monastic staff, offering their love and support, all together making it possible for Senjin to receive the care that she did during this time.

Senjin had a deep spiritual heart and gave us much of herself during her life as a monastic. I am grateful for the opportunity to have known, loved and practiced with her. She will be missed.


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