From ‘Cultivating the Empty Field’

· Teachings ·

by Honghzhi Zhengjue

Investigating Wonder

In clarity the wonder exists, with spiritual energy shining on its own. It cannot be grasped and so cannot be called being. It cannot be rubbed away and so cannot be called nonbeing. Beyond the mind of deliberation and discussion, depart from the remains of the shadowy images. Emptying [one’s self of] self-existence is wonderous. This wonder is embodied with a spirit that can be reenacted. The moon mind with its cloud body is revealed straightforwardly in every direction without resorting to signs or symbols. Radiating light everywhere, it responds appropriately to beings and enters the sense-dusts without confusion. Overcoming every obstruction, it shines through every empty dharma. Leaving discriminating conditioning, enter clean, clear wisdom and romp and play in samadhi. What could be wrong? This is how one must genuinely investigate the essence.


From Cultivating The Empty Field by Hongzhi Zhengju, trans. Daniel Taigen Leighton. Copyright © 1991. Used with permission of Tuttle Publishing.

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