Zen Center of New York City:
The City Branch

Located in the Boerum Hill section of Brooklyn, Zen Center of New York City: Fire Lotus Temple offers lay practitioners a vibrant experience of Zen training in the midst of one of the world’s great cities. The Temple maintains a daily schedule of zazen and liturgy, offering those who live in the city a chance to come and practice together as their schedules and obligations allow. In addition, the Temple offers meditation intensives, right action and study groups, evening classes, community work periods, a Sunday morning program and Saturday retreats.

As one of the few residential Buddhist training centers in New York City, the Temple offers a unique opportunity to be in full-time training while simultaneously engaged in the world. Our small community of residents holds jobs or goes to school. Residential life is guided by the abbot, Shugen Sensei, and by Ron Hogen Green, a dharma holder. Temple residency offers a powerful way to take up the crucial but challenging work of extending our spiritual practice into our ordinary lives.