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Thanks to the generous support of the Sangha, the Jizo Project is close to being fully funded, though we do still have a little ways to go. If we do pass our target of $1.2 million, any further donations will go towards Phase II plans in our ongoing effort to make Zen Mountain Monastery more accommodating and welcoming for all who wish to practice here.

Our Current Timetable

Monastery Building
In December, we will begin work on the installation of the lift in the main building, which will run from the ground floor to the 2nd floor, where the zendo and guest bedroom are located.  We will also begin renovation of the guest bedroom, making the bathroom and bedroom accessible for someone in a wheelchair. To accommodate the lift, we will make structural changes to part of the first floor common room and will use this opportunity to further renovate that room, finishing the ceiling, replacing the electric wiring, upgrading the lighting, and making other improvements. 

The New Jizo House
We had hoped to begin construction of the new Jizo House this fall. However, we have learned that before we can do that, our septic leach field needs to be repaired. The repairs will take place this fall.  In early spring, as soon as weather permits, we will demolish the old building and begin work on our new, modern and accessible Jizo House.  We expect a six-month build time so are still hopeful of completing the project in 2020, the 40th anniversary of Zen Mountain Monastery. 

Other Accessibility Improvements
We have replaced the walkway between the main building and the Sangha House, a previously uneven stone pathway some people found difficult to navigate.  We will improve other walkways and create a paved path for wheelchair access from the rear kitchen delivery entrance into the main Monastery building.

The generosity of our practitioners and extended community will make the Jizo Project a wonderful gift to the present and future Sangha.  
To learn more about the Jizo Project, or to make a donation, please visit our webpage.

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