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On June 9, Shugen Roshi, along with the Jizo Project fundraising committee, revealed the scope of our current building plans, and asked the sangha for support.

The Jizo Project seeks to make Zen Mountain Monastery a more accessible and accommodating refuge of practice for everyone.
The key aspects to this include:
— Construction of a completely new Jizo House
— Creation of end-of-life quarters for monastics
— A lift in the main building
— Other accessibility improvements

Hojin Sensei introduced the event by talking about Jizo Bodhisattva, our inspiration for supporting the welfare of all those in need.

A pre-launch phase of the campaign had already brought in close to $800,000 in donations and pledges towards a $1.2 million overall project budget. We are now even closer to our fundraising goal, in part due to the generosity of all the many folks who attended the launch event at the Monastery’s Sangha House. We are looking forward to confirming contractors as soon as we are able, and to scheduling the first phases of construction.

You can watch the entire event below and also check out the Jizo Project website where, if you are so moved, you can also make a donation of any size.

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