Fall 2016

Vol. 35 No. 1 Fall 2016
Mother of All Buddhas

If a mother with many sons had fallen ill,
They all, sad in mind, would busy themselves about her:
Just so also the Buddhas in the world-systems in the ten directions
Bring to mind this perfection of wisdom as their mother.
— Verses on the Perfection of Wisdom


Your Rightful Place, Geoffrey Shugen Arnold, Sensei
Prajna Paramita is the vastness, magnanimity, and courage of the bodhisattva.

Who’s Your Mama?, Suzanne Taikyo Gilman

The Perfection of Wisdom, Translated by Edward Conze
Delving into emptiness and form, disciples clarify Prajnaparamita with the Buddha.

The Gospel of Mary Magdala, Karen King
Early evidence of a teaching apostle—a woman of wisdom and compassion.

Right View, Red Rust, White Bones, Allison Goodwin
The Buddha’s teachings refute harmful beliefs, even if they are said to be his own.

Letter to My Mother, Barbara Kingsolver
Wanting, needing, challenging—and finally meeting her, as the woman she is.

One Heart, poem, Li-Young Lee

Hate, Love, and Perfect Wisdom, Edward Conze
A scholar’s impressions of the embedded energies in the Prajnaparamita Sutra.

Kuan Yin, poem, Laura Fargas

In Search of Buddha’s Daughters, Christine Toomey
With Tenzin Palmo at the monastery for women she founded in India.

Facets of the Jewel, Hojin Osho & Zuisei Goddard, with Shoan Ankele
A Conversation with Women Teachers in the Mountains & Rivers Order.

Welcoming All of Our Ancestors; Brief Biographies of Zen Women
How can we honor and celebrate the enlightened women of the way who came before?

Receiving the Marrow by Bowing, Eihei Dogen
Acknowledging a true teacher in her female form, in accort with the Buddha’s teaching.

Sangha Reflections: On Mother of All Buddhas

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