Conversation: A New Journal from the MRO

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Print is in some ways an outmoded format, lacking the speed of digital or the ease of consuming audio/video content, so it was with some degree of soul-searching that the Monastery staff decided to collect a years’ worth of teachings and practice in the new annual journal Mountains & Rivers: Zen Dharma and Practice.

Just ahead of the February 2020 release date, editor Suzanne Taikyo Gilman and graphic designer Kristin Keimu Adolpson sat down for a conversation about this exciting project with Valerie Meiju Linet, a former editor of Mountain Record quarterly.

Here’s a bit of the backstory covered in the recorded conversation. In discontinuing our quarterly print journal in early 2019 we knew that we still wanted to offer something in print that would document some of the best teachings and conversations that were taking place in our midst, at the Monastery and at the Temple and affiliates, and to share it widely. After nearly a year of working through a bounty of material and developing a new color format, the first issue went on sale. Its pages are filled with rich photographs, enlivening conversations, and insightful teachings from all of our Mountains and Rivers Order teachers and sangha.

To see sample pages and order your very own copy, visit the journal’s web page. And feel free to give us your feedback at

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