Winter 2015

Vol. 33 No. 2 Winter 2015
Daido Roshi

Zen is a way of using your mind and living
your life and doing it with other people.

— John Daido Loori, Roshi


How One Vow Unfolds

The Stone Lion
Fearlessness, gentleness, and the life of a buddha.

Really Put Yourself Into It
What is Zen training and how should we engage it?

Meeting Maezumi Roshi
The story of a singular teacher-student encounter.

Spiritual Ripeness: The Tenth Stage
A mature practitioner is relaxed, at ease, and utterly ordinary.

The Gift of Monasticism
Shaping an American Buddhist monasticism.

Journal, 1971 – 1974
Notes on discovering spiritual practice through photography.

Unpublished poems from Roshi’s journals.

Barriers and the Creative Process
Intuition, art-making and the deep work of healing.

Seeing the world afresh, the Way reveals itself.

Raquette River Field Journal
In the forest and on the water—notes from wild places.

The Insentient Express the Way
Hearing the teachings of mountains, rivers, stars and stones.

Sangha Reflections: On Daido Roshi

Mountains and Rivers Order
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